- W E L C O M E -

Alameda Hotel is a company that has become one of the main meeting points for tourists and businessmen, who have decided to work and visit Illapel city. With over 100 years of experience, Alameda Hotel has been renovated and modernized according to the progress of our time. Today, in its operational policies, incorporates the use of clean solar energy for more than 40% electricity and 60% hot water.

Personal attention by owners and high quality of the rooms, have been guaranteed the creation of strong links maintained over time, and have also been a transparent way to position itself in the hotel trade in the region.





20 Ignacio Silva Avenue, Illapel, Region IV, Chile           tel: +56 532 522 378



- I L L A P E L -

Illapel City, Choapa Province’s capital, is a important turistic and comercial center at the region fourth. Gather historical tradition of mining, and expansive growth and economic development, which has worked as a bridge between neighboring towns.

The city offers all kinds of services, with a significant number of restaurants, banks, pharmacies, supermarkets and other related cultural education, churches, schools and the renewed city hall.